The Subtle Art of Food Freedom

Transform your mindset, make peace with food and your body and reclaim your freedom in 8 weeks!

Join me for The Subtle Art of Food Freedom, an 8 week online course and 1:1 coaching program, where I'll give you the complete system I used to find food freedom and make peace with food and my body.

How much time do you spend thinking about food and your body?

More than you'd like huh?

Then it’s time for you to let go of trying to control your food and body and learn to really listen to and honor your body’s individual needs. You deserve to LOVE and TRUST your body.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • TRUST your body fully to tell you what, when and how much to eat
  • LOVE your body and treat it with compassion and respect instead of fighting it
  • Never count points, calories, etc EVER again
  • Go to a party and navigate the food scene with ease and pleasure, choosing the foods that sound delicious, satisfying and will make you feel good (rather than feeling out of control)
  • Have the freedom to EAT ANYTHING you want at anytime WITHOUT GUILT
  • Have mental space for pursuing your greater purpose and goals in life
  • Approach your health from a place of self-care, not self-control
  • Engage in joyful movement as opposed to punishing your body with exercise
  • Take pleasure in food and relish in the connections and experiences made through food
  • Recognize and honor your body’s natural hunger and fullness signals so you feel nourished and satisfied

I haven’t always been an intuitive eater; truuuust me, I understand where you are at.

I struggled for years with disordered eating and thinking about food and my body ALL THE TIME. It was SO EXHAUSTING and the pursuit of “perfect” health was actually really compromising my well-being.

But then, everything changed when I discovered intuitive eating!

My life has transformed in more ways than I could have imagined. Not only have I found peace with food and my body, but, I’ve also found freedom in so many other areas of my life. I’m finally living out my dream of being an entrepreneur. My relationships have improved drastically. My anxiety has quieted to an almost inaudible voice. I’m actually happy and look forward to each and every day. I want all of this and more for YOU too!

The Subtle Art of Food Freedom compiles the most powerful lessons and strategies I’ve learned into a step-by-step system that will transform the way you feel about food, your body, your health and your life!

"Madison is an absolute joy to work with. Her calm manner, her positive intentions, and her genuine caring make it possible for me to be vulnerable and open--both necessary to truly heal . She has guided me through some intense emotions and even when she's not there I can hear her voice telling me to have compassion with myself. I feel like whatever curve ball I try to throw at her she is ready without judgment to guide me toward a better version of myself. The changes I have seen in myself over the last couple of months are truly astounding, and I look forward to whatever is coming next. If you have the chance to work with her, take it! I am so glad I found her when I did!

Madison's course (The Subtle Art of Food Freedom) has been an incredible support during my journey. The pacing of the course allowed me the time to really think about the big concepts. The workbook often prompted me to think about aspects of the ideas that I hadn't considered, and writing down my thoughts helped me to really understand what I was thinking and feeling. Her awareness, too, that this information is something that must be really pondered and internalized, meant that she was always encouraging me to take my time, to not try to hurry or rush to get to the "end" of the process. That was amazing."

- Julie

"Madison provided support and guidance during my journey toward intuitive eating. She is reliable, easy to talk to, and helped me to form realistic and attainable goals. Her sessions were tailored just for me and went at the right pace to accommodate my busy lifestyle as a student and athlete recovering from an injury. I’m so happy I got the chance to work with Madison and she gave me the tools to work towards total food freedom. I would recommend her online course and coaching program to anyone trying to develop a healthier relationship with food, exercise, and body image

- Casey

The full 8 week curriculum you'll get when you join the course:

Module 1: Intention

Module 1 is all about uncovering what your intention is and your big WHYs for wanting to make peace with food and your body. Together, we'll assess where you're at now and what areas of your life you want to focus on. I'll take you through my 8 step process for setting intuitive goals where you'll get clear on what you want, how you want to feel and who you want to become. Intention is all about getting really honest with yourself and uncovering the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and identifying new, empowering beliefs.

Module 2: Cultivate Body Awareness

In module 2 we dive deep into understanding your body image story; your perception and beliefs around your experience of having and living in a body. We'll talk about the importance of mindfulness, self-compassion, values, forgiveness and gratitude in healing your relationship with your body! You'll learn how to reduce body comparison and body talk, advocate for yourself with health professionals, work through difficult emotions, meditate and more! Cultivating body awareness is all about becoming aware of your body through curiosity, not judgement, and being able to calmly accept your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations with awareness and compassion.

Module 3: Break Free From the Diet Mindset

In module 3, you'll learn how to challenge that sneaky voice inside your head (or anyone else) that tries to decide your food and exercise choices for you without factoring in your internal body cues. We'll talk about why diets have failed you (here's a secret, you aren't the failure) and the consequences of not letting go of the diet mindset. I'll give you incredible mindset shifts and powerful ways to challenge your thoughts so you can move forward with this new approach. By the end of this module, you'll have all of the tools you need to completely break free from the diet mindset so that you can restore trust in your body.

Module 4: Food Biology & Emotionality

Module 4 is all about understanding your body's natural biological cues like hunger, fullness and satisfaction and rebuilding the trust between your mind and body. You'll learn how to eat mindfully and really get back in touch with your body's hunger and fullness signals. AND you'll rediscover the pleasure and satisfaction in food. We'll also take a deeper look at your emotions around food and figure out what you're REALLY seeking so that food is no longer something you have to control or feel out of control around.

Module 5: Make Peace with Food

Module 5 is all about freeing yourself from food rules and restrictions. It's about giving yourself unconditional permission to eat anything at anytime WITHOUT GUILT. Making peace with food is all about learning to have the same emotional response regardless of what you eat so that you can truly listen to and honor your body's bio-individual needs. Giving yourself unconditional permission to eat what you want ultimately results in variety and balanced food choices. You’ll want to feel good and feeling good comes with listening to YOUR individual needs.

Module 6: Joyful Movement

Module 6 is all about dissociating exercise from the pursuit of weight loss or changing your body. It's about approaching movement from a place of self-care, not self-control and rediscovering the JOY in movement. Instead of punishing yourself, you'll learn to work out to FEEL good. We'll explore the benefits of balanced, joyful movement as well as how to know if you are over-exercising. You'll discover the types of movement you love that make you FEEL ah-mah-zing and will be able to choose rest when your body needs it without feeling guilty.

Module 7: Nourish Your Mind, Body & Soul

Module 7 is all about adopting health-promoting habits rooted in self-care. You'll learn why food isn't the most important aspect of health (as much as diet culture wants us to believe it is) and why nutrition science can be faulty. We'll outline some key concepts for balanced, healthy eating to help you achieve optimal nourishment for your body. This will be your chance to experiment with what feels good for YOUR mind, body and soul and define what a well-nourished life means to YOU.

Module 8: Reclaim Your Freedom

Module 8 is all about celebrating what your life will look like now that you are no longer consumed with thoughts about food and your body! You'll be able to create a new, empowering lifestyle that fills your heart and soul! I'll share my 8 step manifestation formula that you can use to attract more of what you really want into your life. To top it all off, we will re-write our new stories and affirmations so that YOU can start creating and living the life you've always DREAMED of. This is your time to SHINE, discover your purpose and fall IN LOVE with yourself. Welcome to FREEDOM babe!

Course bonuses:

  • Bi-weekly health coaching sessions with yours truly
  • A workbook to help you put everything into practice
  • Instant access to the Sunny Thymes Tribe Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support from others on this journey (yay friends!)
  • Several guided meditations to help you cultivate body awareness and mindfulness so you can treat your body with compassion and respect
  • Bonus video interviews with other experts on topics like: navigating intuitive eating with food sensitivities, the 3 types of restriction that lead to bingeing, the wellness diet & letting go of the desire to lose weight and more!
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Lifetime access to the course, including any future updates

This course is for you if…..

  • You’ve spent your life fighting food and your body and are ready to really learn how to love yourself
  • You want to transform the way you feel about food and your body
  • You’re ready to to discover what it means to be well-nourished to YOU
  • You want to choose self-care over self-control
  • You want to enjoy delicious, pleasurable foods without guilt or shame
  • You want to nourish your mind, body and soul
  • You want to love your body unconditionally
  • You want to make space to find your deeper purpose in life
  • You want to give up diets for good (because we all know they don’t even work)
  • You want to put yourself first & RECLAIM YOUR FREEDOM

This course is not for you if you…..

  • Have an active eating disorder or are in the very early stages of recovery
  • Have a fixed mindset (as opposed to a growth mindset)
  • Want to count calories, points, carbs, etc for the rest of your life
  • Want to devote your life to shrinking or changing your body
  • Want to be on a diet the rest of your life
  • Want to set an example for your kids that their bodies aren’t okay and need to be fixed
  • Want to continue being a victim of your past
  • Want to deprive yourself of the foods you love
  • Want to ignore your body’s innate wisdom and natural hunger, fullness and satiety signals
  • Are still seeking a quick fix like detoxes, pills or cleanses
  • Are not willing to put in the work to make lasting changes in your life

Your Instructor

Madison Surdyke
Madison Surdyke

Madison Surdyke is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who's passionate about helping women make peace with food and their bodies while discovering their own definition of health. Her goal is to release women from the prison of dieting, food rules and body shame and to help them cultivate relaxed, joyful relationships with food, movement and their bodies. She shows women how to reclaim their freedom in life and discover their true purpose once they are no longer controlled by thoughts about food and their body. Her ultimate mission is to inspire women to heal themselves from within and to develop the self-love, confidence and space to create the life of their dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m busy! How will this course save me time?
I get it. My goal is to provide you with actionable information that you can implement right away…not “fluff” that sends you in a million different directions. You’re saving time by joining The Subtle Art of Food Freedom and getting an actual system and process to heal your relationship with food and your body, rather than wasting time on the same shit that hasn’t worked for you and expecting somehow this time you’ll get different results.
Do I have to complete the course in 8 weeks?
No, this is a self-paced online course so you can start and finish anytime. However, the bi-weekly coaching calls with me last for 8 weeks from the start of the course so it’s ideal to follow that timeline so we can talk through the course together. You’ll have lifetime access to the course though so you can go back and retake it whenever you want.
Will this process help me lose weight?
This course is not intended as a weight loss method. Some people might lose weight by listening to and honoring their bodies, while others may gain weight they’d lost from deprivation and restriction. Others might not see any change in weight. This is not a weight loss program; it’s a transformational and freeing LIFE program. Weight loss is not a goal of this course because it inhibits you from truly being able to listen to your body and trust your intuition.
What if I’m terrified to let go of dieting or food/exercise rules?
I know, this takes A LOT of courage and unlearning. But how much longer are you willing to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results? The Subtle Art of Food Freedom is based in mindset tools and self-care, not self-control. This is a completely different approach to what diet culture brainwashes us with and with transform the way you feel about food, your body, your health and your life. You won’t think twice about suffering through another diet after you finish this course.
Could I just find this information for free online?
You can find almost anything online these days…but does that mean it’s legitimate and helpful? Not at all! Have you heard about “scandal” where people were creating fake news articles and millions of people thought they were real? This is kind of like that 🙂 Much of the free stuff you find online is simply unhelpful (and even sometimes harmful), but most people just don’t know what to look for when trying to find real, actionable advice. I can tell you as a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and someone who’s been in your shoes, you’ll find information in this program that you can’t find anywhere else, packaged up into a step-by-step process that doesn’t require you to spend hours and hours sifting through Google or YouTube for advice.
What if I have an active eating disorder?
This course is made to help people with a history of dieting and disordered eating heal their relationships with food and their bodies. People with active eating disorders or those in the early stages of recovery should not take this course yet. Eating disorders can make your body’s natural cues unreliable and attempting to follow your intuition with food can make matters worse. Please wait to enroll in the course until you’re well into recovery and are working with an experienced treatment team. If you think you’re ready talk with your treatment team about the course and get their feedback!
I'm not sure I can make the investment right now
Ultimately, making peace with food and your body will not only allow you to feel free around food and love your body but can create lasting health, happiness, freedom, self-love and the time and space to pursue your greater purpose in life. So what is that worth to you? If you don't make peace with food and your body now, how much time will you lose thinking about food and your body? Time that you could have spent pursuing your greater purpose, with family and people you love, traveling, etc. How much money will you spend on the latest diet trends, supplements, etc? What could you do with all of that extra time and money?

Are you willing to stay at war with food and your body forever or will you choose to completely change your life now for a lifetime of freedom and happiness? It’s up to you!

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